July 1, 2021

Leasing Process + Information

Please note that most of our other common leasing questions are answered online here:

How To Apply / Leasing Information

Website is Updated Weekly:
Our website will reflect the most up to date information and the status will change to either ‘Applications Pending’ or the entire listing will be removed if the unit is offered / rented.

Leasing Process / Application:
Here’s a breakdown of how the application / leasing process will work:

IMPORANT – Missing or delayed applications are the most common reasons why we are sometimes unable to offer a unit.  When you submit an application you will always receive a confirmation email from AppFolio.  Please make sure all group members submit an application around the same time AND everyone receives a confirmation email.  Group applications are not considered until all applications are received.

  1. Review pics / floorplan of listed unit (this is the only virtual tour option).  Or view the apartment in-person by appointment
  2. Submit applications online – one application for every member of group / each roommate

    NBP Application link: NBP Application (new tab)
    AP Application link: AP Application (new tab)

    ** When the application asks you if you have seen the unit just note that you have reviewed the pics / floorplan **

  3. Office reviews completed group applications (2-4 business days)
  4. Offer email sent out to accepted group
  5. Group needs to respond to offer email and can choose to accept / decline the offer and send email decision back to office
  6. If offer is accepted the office will activate a portal for paying the holding deposit – this should be paid by next business day – payments accepted via e-Check (no fee) or credit / debit cards (fee set by 3rd party vendor)
  7. If holding deposit is paid the office will send an electronic DocuSign lease and activate portal for remaining security deposit amount and application fees
    – Note: holding deposit is non-refundable once paid but is used towards the security deposit.  eg: if holding deposit paid is $200.00 and full security deposit is $4,000 – the group only needs to pay $3,800 for remaining security deposit amount)
    – Security deposit is refundable at the time the apartment moves out in the future provided the unit is returned undamaged with no pending balance
  8. Group has 3-5 business days to complete lease signing / paying deposit.  If both are completed then the apartment is considered rented and off-market
  9. Additional time given for co-signer forms (2 weeks usually) or for any other documents requested by leasing agent.

Comments from Past / Current Residents from Reddit: