Guide to Berkeley Neighborhoods

Downtown Berkeley

Directly West of the UC Campus and centered around Shattuck Avenue, this neighborhood features many shops, bookstores, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.  Downtown is home to Berkeley’s arts / theater district and a bustling night and bar scene.  Residents can accomplish most tasks on foot or easily hop on public transit via BART / AC Transit / Bear Transit.

Downtown Berkeley features a diverse architectural portfolio of new, modern construction and classic, historical structures.


Directly south of the UC Campus this dense neighborhood is the hub of student activity and nightlife.  Telegraph Avenue is the main commercial corridor with many student-oriented stores and restaurants.  Neighborhood is easily walkable with easy access to public transit.

Housing in the neighborhood primarily consists of apartment buildings ranging in size from small buildings to larger complexes.

South Berkeley

Directly below Southside lies the South Berkeley area.  Neighborhood is more quaint and residential with its tree-lined streets and smaller complexes / single-family homes.  Most residents can still easily walk/bike to Downtown Berkeley or the UC Campus.

The housing stock is more diverse with more single-family homes, smaller complexes, and mid-size buildings mixed into the neighborhood.


South of Southside and east of Telegraph Ave is Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood.  A charming neighborhood with a vibrant commercial district centered along College Avenue and home to Willard Park.  Area is known for its tree-lined streets and quaint cafes and shops.

The housing stock is more diverse with more single-family homes, smaller complexes, and mid-size buildings mixed into the neighborhood.

North Berkeley / Gourmet Ghetto

Not to be confused with Northside, this neighborhood is due North from Downtown Berkeley with a vibrant commercial district centered by Shattuck Avenue.  Many of Berkeley’s famous gourmet restaurants and institutions are located in this neighborhood along Shattuck Ave including Chez Panisse, Cheeseboard Pizza, Saul’s, and Epicurious Garden. A true foodie’s paradise!

Neighborhood has a diverse housing stock ranging from single-family homes and duplexes/triplex to larger multi-unit complexes.


Directly north of the UC Campus lies the Northside neighborhood.  This is a quaint residential area with smaller, classic buildings in a hilly setting.  Home to Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union part of this area is also called ‘Holy Hill’.  Main commercial area is centered along Euclid Avenue with many shops and cafes lining the street block between Hearst and Ridge.

Buildings in this area range from smaller/mid-size complexes and single-family homes.