Roommate Substitution

Residents intending to substitute themselves on the lease agreement must receive permission and prior approval from the office.  It is recommended that residents begin this process early to give the office time to provide instructions and prepare the needed lease documents.

The general steps involved are:

  1. Filling out a Substitution Petition (PDF)  – Only the resident that is moving or being substituted should fill out this form.  Do not have any new substitute roommate or staying roommates sign this form.
  2. The petition form can be dropped off at our office in person or scanned/emailed to
  3. Have the new roommate fill out an application form online:
    Substitute Roommate Application
  4. Additional instructions and an Addendum to create the substitution will be provided by the office.

Please note that any substitute roommates must fill out an application form and include a $40 processing fee.  The roommate substitution process is not considered complete until a valid DocuSign or Addendum agreement is completed and all processing fees paid.

Security Deposit

Unless the entire apartment and all occupants are vacating the unit the full security deposit remains on file at the office.  The moving roommate(s) and the new, incoming roommate(s) should agree upon the unit condition and the amount of security deposit to be exchanged as a private transaction.

Key Exchange

The roommate vacating the unit should arrange a time to provide their keys to the new subsitute roommate.  If this is not possible arrangements should be made with other roommates in the unit or a local contact.

The office recommends that the moving roommate(s) ensure that they receive their portion of the security deposit before or during the key exchange.