January 1, 2023

June 2023 Unit Availability / Check Back in Mid-June for August Move-In Units

Hi Everyone,

Please note that the units currently listed are for immediate or January 2023 move-in.  We are not currently accepting applications for June move-in unless these units remain empty through May 2023.  NO August move-ins will be considered until units remain vacant through July.

Please check back for future availability.  We will have a high number of units available for June 2023 which we will post around late February thru late March.

Most of our units (75%+) are for JUNE 2023 move-in (current residents vacate May 2023).  We do not hold these units vacant for 2 months just so new residents can move-in August.  August leases are possible but less common.  We will not know about August units until June.  Please do not ask if June 1st move-in ready units can be rented out for July / August.

Due to high volume of emails we do not notify parties when specific units become available.  Please refer to our website for all available units.

If you are a referral please make sure your referral group has updated the office about their intention to vacate.  We do not re-rent units when the occupying group has not given any formal update to the office.

Thank you!

North Berkeley Properties