How to Apply

How to Apply

Online Rental Application (Opens in New Tab)


  • Every potential occupant of the apartment 18 or older must submit an application.  For example if you are a household / group of 4x roommates the office must receive 4x applications.
  • If your group has multiple applicants, please list all applicants that are part of your group when prompted in the online application.  Applications must be received by all group members before the leasing staff can review your application.
  • If your group knows that you have another occupant / roommate but is unsure please note that in your application.  You can put a placeholder ‘extra roommate being searched for’ or ‘2nd roommate’ etc. in the application so your group will receive an offer for this # of occupants.  Please refer to the Roommate Substitution section of our website for info on adding another occupant.
  • Please make sure it is clear what listing you are applying for.  One application can be used to apply for multiple listings (please rank your first, second, etc. choices)
  • There is no hard deadline for submitting applications.  Applications for vacant units will be accepted until the unit is taken off market.  However, during the peak spring / summer leasing season we advise applicants to submit applications within (1) business day of the open house / apartment viewing.  During the busiest time of year, apartments may be rented within 1-2 business days.
  • Our leasing office primarily corresponds via e-mail.  Please make sure this field is accurate and is an email you check frequently.
  • If you have previously applied for a unit and were declined but would like to re-apply during the same leasing season please email and provide the unit previously applied for, names of all group members, and the unit you’d like to now apply for.  Please email the same day of an open house so applications can be re-opened.
  • Full-time Students:  Please list the college/university you are attending under “Employment Information”.  You may also note your major, year in school, etc.  “Current Address” can include a dorm or other on-campus housing if applicable.  “Previous Address” may reference your hometown/parent’s address if applicable
  • Non-US Citizens without a SSN #: Please note that you are a non-US citizen on the application.  Our leasing office may need to verify or make copies of your I-20 and Visa form once an apartment offer is made.  To bypass the SSN step please just type 111-11-1111 or something similar to move onto the next step

Processing Fee:

  • There is a $40.00 processing fee per applicant to be paid once you are selected for an apartment and receive a leasing offer.  Application fees are not processed until you are given an official offer email from our office.  If you do not receive an offer from the office you are not charged a fee.
  • Application fees can be paid via cash, personal check, money order in person at the leasing office.  An online portal option is available for e-Check (no fee) and credit/debit card (fee charged by AppFolio).  Once an offer is accepted the leasing office will confirm back via email and send a portal activation link from AppFolio.

Apartment Showings:

  • Single applicants must view the apartment they are applying for – NO “sight unseen” applications will be accepted
  • Single applicants that are out of the area can have a family member, relative, acquaintance, friend, etc. view the apartment listing for them.  Please make sure our leasing office is made aware of which individual has viewed an apartment on behalf of another person.
  • Group applicants must have at least one member of their group view the apartment
  • If a group of applicants is offered a unit after an open house, it is based upon the understanding that the group has seen the unit and is ready to move forward and make a decision.  Our leasing department cannot “hold” an apartment to schedule additional showings for the group once an offer has been made.
  • If an applicant that is part of a larger group cannot attend a showing please have another group member take notes or pictures (if okay with current residents) of the apartment during the showing

Co-signer/Guarantor Forms (Full-time Students Only):

  • Full-time students are generally required to obtain a co-signer for the apartment
  • During the application process please make sure you answer the field “Will you receive financial assistance from someone else?”
  • The actual co-signer form is not needed to apply for an apartment listing
  • If an apartment offer is made the co-signer/guarantor form will be required as part of the signing of the lease agreement
  • Any employed/self-employed adult may co-sign for a full-time student resident
  • Please note that co-signer forms must either be notarized by a notary public OR signed by the co-signer in our office in the presence of an employee OR a valid government-issued ID must be attached to the co-signer form

Lease Signing:

  • Once a group accepts an offer the leasing office will send out a lease via DocuSign.
  • DocuSign leases are sent out via email link to each applicant.  Please use your own link and do not share it as each link is unique and specific to one person.
  • Your group will receive automated emails from DocuSign reminding you to sign.  Please note that everyone receives these automated emails even if someone has finished signing on their end.
  • If you do not receive the link to DocuSign please check your spam folder then contact the office if you still cannot locate the email.
  • If you notice a mispelling of a name or other possible error please contact our office.

Security Deposit:

  • Security deposit must be paid in order to remove the unit applied for from the market and reserve it for your group.
  • The office does not collect any deposit amount in advance at the time of application (aka we do not collect a ‘holding deposit’)
  • Groups and individuals can only pay the security deposit after receiving a formal leasing offer from the office.
  • Payments accepted are personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, and online portal via AppFolio – eCheck, credit /debit.
  • For the online portal option an email link from AppFolio will be sent out from the leasing office.  Please note that there is no fee of eCheck but AppFolio does charge a fee for credit / debit cards.  The # on your debit card is different than your checking account #.
  • The security deposit covers damage to the unit and any unpaid fees but is refundable when the apartment vacates as an entire group at the end of the lease term.  Please refer to the move-out section for more information.

First & Last Month’s Rent:

  • The office does not collect first or last month’s rent.  These should be paid during the corresponding month when they are due.  First month’s rent should be paid on or before the day of your move-in.  This is required in order for us to provide the apartment keys.
  • Rent is prorated if your lease start date is mid-month.
  • Please note that the move-in day is calculated as a day of use.  For example, if you are moving in June 15th this means that apartment is being used June 15 – 30 which is 16-days (not 15 days – remember to account for June 15th as the added day).  Rent would be a fractional amount of 16/30 times the normal full monthly rate.
  • A prorated move-out date would also apply should your lease end date be mid-month.