Furniture Rental / Purchase

North Berkeley Properties does not generally furnish any of its units aside from the large kitchen appliances (eg: fridge / freezer, cooking range – check listing for details).

Residents that may need to rent or lease furniture may wish to contact private companies that provide this service and a few vendors are listed below.  Note – North Berkeley Properties does not receive any referral bonus or have any specific recommendation on these services.  The listings below are as a guide or reference only for residents.

CORT Furniture Rentals for UC Berkeley Affiliates

CORT Furniture Rentals – Main Page

Brook Furniture Rentals

Residents that are purchasing furniture may consider the retailers / stores listed below:

Ikea (in Emeryville)

Target (Smaller Target Express store in Berkeley, larger Target Store in Albany)

Ashley HomeStore (in Emeryville)

Uhuru Furniture (in Oakland – re-used / lightly used furniture)

Fenton MacLaren (in Berkeley)

Mancini’s Sleepworld (in Berkeley – mattresses / bedding)

MattressFirm (in Berkeley – mattresses / bedding)

Local, used furniture – look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Housing Groups (some posts asking to purchase furniture may get replied)