Parking (NBP Residents ONLY)

North Berkeley Properties does not do short-term, daily, or weekly parking.  Parking spaces are rented for a minimum of 1-2 months minimum then default to month-to-month leases.  All parking spaces are rented to residents only and require a signed lease, parking deposit, and online payment.

Non-Residents of North Berkeley Properties (Effective June 1, 2017)
Due to limited parking, North Berkeley Properties is no longer renting spaces to non-residents that do not live at our apartment buildings.  Only current and future residents can reserve / rent parking spaces with us at this time.

Current non-residents that currently park at a location should note that if they give up their space we may not be able to re-offer the space back.

Sorry – no exceptions will be made to this policy and we do not anticipate changing this policy any time soon.  We cannot allow NBP residents to rent spaces to their friends or other non-residents.

Parking Information for Current / Future Residents:

Please plan ahead and request your parking space ~2 weeks in advance.  We typically have high demand for parking requests at the start of the Summer holiday and when residents return from Summer break.  DO NOT wait until the last minute and expect same-day or next-day parking.

Parking spaces are rented separately from apartments units.  Most spaces require a minimum 1 month commitment (month-to-month thereafter) and a security deposit.  Parking leases are signed to one roommate only and is not a group lease. We do not offer hourly, day-to-day, guest /visitor parking, or other short term rentals at this time.

Note – we sign parking leases for a minimum of (1) full month defined as a full 30-31 day period from the 1st of the month through the 30th / 31st day.  For example, a lease starting June 1st would last thru June 30th and then default month to month.  A parking lease starting June 16th would have a minimum term thru July 31st before defaulting month to month.

Please note that we cannot reserve parking spaces beyond 2 weeks.  All parking spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis.  Parking leases and portal activations typically take a few business days to process.  Residents should plan ahead and give the office some advance notice to generate parking leases – same day parking move-ins are usually not possible.

If you are interested in renting a space please contact email at: Parking * a *t * and provide your vehicle make/model, needed start date for parking, and building address.

Vacating Your Parking Space:

Most of our parking leases require a 30-day minimum notice.  This is the process for vacating your parking space:

  1. Email notice to Parking (at) and provide your parking location / space #, exact end date, and a forwarding address for the parking deposit check.  Note: mid-month parking move-outs are accepted and the parking rate would be prorated for the last month.
  2. Return your parking items (typically gate key, parking remote, and permit) within 2 business days of your confirmed parking move-out date.  Any delayed return of parking items may be charged a daily prorated rate.  Please place all parking items in a sealed envelope or Ziploc bag and label your name on it and return them to the office via the 24/7 drop box.Every year we receive multiple parking remotes, keys, etc. with no name associated with them in the same week.  We have no way to verify who returned these items to our office if they are returned in this manner you may not receive your parking deposit back from our office.