Rent / Payments

Types of Payment Methods Accepted for Rental Payments:

Online Payments (via AppFolio Resident Portal)
Residents can login to their AppFolio resident portal to pay rent via eCheck / bank transfer, credit, or debit card.  Please note that fees are set by AppFolio and not in control by North Berkeley Properties.

Effective Summer 2023 – AppFolio has announced that they will be charging a flat fee per eCheck transaction.  Previously these fees were covered by AppFolio and they will now be passing through this transaction cost to the consumer / resident.  North Berkeley Properties does not charge these fees and cannot waive them.

Co-signers that wish to have their own portal access should email their name, phone #, email address, and unit they co-signed for to: Accounts (* a t *)

To visit the online portal please login at:

AppFolio Online Portal

** If you are an applicant and were offered a unit please email the leasing agent to request portal access for paying an online application fee, holding deposit, or security deposit **

Mail Payments / Drop Box
North Berkeley Properties accepts personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s/bank checks for rental payments via mail or drop-off.  No cash / credit / debit is accepted at the office.

Checks may be mailed to our office or dropped off in person.  A 24/7 drop box is located by the sidewalk entrance of our office for your convenience.  Checks should have your name clearly printed on the top left corner – there is no need to seal checks in an envelope or use post-it notes if using the drop box.

Cash Payments
North Berkeley Properties does not accept cash at the office or via mail.

Commonly Asked Questions / Issues:

When is rent considered late?

Our standard lease clause states that rent is due on the 1st of each month but not considered late unless it is received after the 5th day by 5pm.

I paid my ‘share’ of rent but received a notice that rent was not received. Why?

If you have multiple roommates it may be that a roommate did not pay their ‘share’ of rent.  Group / joint leases are signed and everyone is equally responsible for rent.  All occupants of a unit will receive notice if rent was not received by the due date.  If you wish to check who has or has not paid rent you can review payment history for all occupants in your unit under the ‘account ledger’ in AppFolio.

A late fee was added to my account – is there a way to reduce or waive this?

First time requests may be granted but ALL requests for late fee waivers or reductions must be in writing via email or by letter referencing the late fee, date, and reason.  We are unable to quote or review late fee waivers verbally or in-person at the office as many of these waivers require additional review or follow-up.

Please email Accounts (at) with any late fee questions or waiver / reduction inquiries.  Thank you.

I scheduled a rent payment via online bill pay with my financial institution (not AppFolio) and do not see the payment credited in my portal.  Why?

Payments made through bill pay through your own bank (eg: Chase, Wells Fargo, BofA), etc. are NOT electronic transfers.  Your bank will print a check and manually mail it to our office.  Most banking providers will note that the bill pay option will take 3-10 business days to account for mail transit.  Residents utilizing bill pay must make sure their payments are received by the office within the grace period.  Bill pay done last minute will often result in rent being received late.

I made an overpayment, duplicate payment, etc. in AppFolio – can you refund this amount back to me or cancel the payment?

There is a common confusion that North Berkeley Properties can automatically withdraw money from resident’s accounts.  This is incorrect.  All payments made through AppFolio must be initiated by the resident or the resident must schedule their own automatic payment.

North Berkeley Properties does not have control over payments made by residents.  AppFolio conceals your account information, bank number, credit/debit card information and we have no way to cancel payments or reverse them with a simple click.  If you have a roommate that has not yet paid rent please see if they can reimburse you directly if you have made an overpayment.  You may wish to cancel your payment by contacting your financial institution.  If the payment was made after you moved out of the unit the office will include the overpayment with the security deposit refund.

Can the office waive the eCheck / credit card / debit card processing fee?

Unfortunately these fees are not set by North Berkeley Properties and we have no control over them as they are set by third party credit card transaction companies (eg: Visa, Mastercard, etc.).  None of the credit or debit card processing fees are received by the office and will not appear as payments in tenant ledger.

I am having issues with the online portal in AppFolio and can no longer login.

Please email Accounts(* at *) – we may need to reset your portal and send a new activation link.