Apartment Brokerage

Apartment brokers assist renters in finding suitable apartment listings and connecting them with different property owners.  Brokers that provide this service are common in Boston and New York City.  However, this service remains extremely rare for San Francisco and California as a whole.

North Berkeley Properties and AP Management do not provide services to assist residents on finding private apartments to rent.  We only lease apartments under our direct management and we do not assist applicants in locating other apartments from competing firms or properties.

We only know of one such apartment brokerage service in the East Bay – Andrea Rentals.

Please note we are not affiliated with this company and are only providing this link as a guide since we often receive questions about apartment brokerage.  Please be advised this service costs 80% of 1-month’s rent or a $4,000.00 minimum retainer to be paid by the resident.

If you know of any other apartment brokerage service please feel free to contact us so we may update this page to better assist others.