Bulky Item Removal / E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

Most of our locations are serviced by Civicorps Recycling of Oakland.  In order to schedule a free e-waste collection please fill out the online request form below.

Please do not leave the e-waste inside the recycling container.  Items should be placed curbside or next to the recycling container for collection.

E-waste Program

Bulky Item / Furniture Removal

Most residents are eligible for bulky item / furniture removal from their apartments each year.  Most household items are eligible (eg: sofa, desks, bookshelves, mattresses, box springs, TV, etc.).  Contact the office by submitting a maintenance request with details on the number and type of items you would like to have removed.

Please help us keep our building and neighborhood clean and avoid dumping furniture in the common areas or on the street.