Move-in Tips


Setting up Gas / Electricity Service
Residents should set up their electricity and/or gas service by contacting the local utility provider PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric).

To do so residents can call or create an online account:

PG&E Start Service

1-800-PGE-5000 (24 / 7 call center)

Setting up Water Service (2414 Dana Street only)
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

EBMUD Start Service

Setting up Internet Service
North Berkeley Properties recommends Berkeley’s local ISP –  This provider has satisfied many residents and is generally simple to set-up. PHLO+ Residential Service has also been a good service provider for our residents.

Residents are not required to use the two service providers above and are encouraged to shop around.

Please note that we have had residents report Comcast service issues in the past.  Comcast wiring is often mounted on the building’s exterior and may be subject to failure or weather-related issues.  North Berkeley Properties does not maintain wiring for Comcast service.  We do not recommend residents sign up for a contract with Comcast until they verify that service is able to be delivered first.

Items to Help with Move-In Day

Dolly / pushcart / handtruck / etc

Trash bags

Box cutter / scissors (for cutting open boxes)

Rubber door stop (to hold open unit door or elevator door)

Key lanyard (during a hectic move keys have gotten lost / misplaced or residents locked out!)


Household Items to Buy or Bring for Move-In

Toilet paper

Paper towels

General cleaning supplies

Vacuum / broom / mop

Kitchen / bedroom trash cans

Trash bags

Recycling bin

Shower curtain w/ hooks (some units may have shower doors)

Clothes hangers

Toiletries / hygiene products

Handsoap & Dishsoap

Laundry detergent / supplies

Laundry hamper / sack

Clothes hangers

Power strip / extension cable

Utensils / plates / cookware / bakeware