Non-Residents of North Berkeley Properties (Effective June 1, 2017)
Due to limited parking, North Berkeley Properties is no longer renting spaces to non-residents that do not live at our apartment buildings.  Only current and future residents can reserve / rent parking spaces with us at this time.

Current non-residents that currently park at a location should note that if they give up their space we may not be able to re-offer the space back.

Sorry – no exceptions will be made to this policy and we do not anticipate changing this policy any time soon.

Parking Information for Current / Future Residents:

Parking spaces are rented separately from apartments units.  Most spaces require a minimum 1-month commitment (month-to-month thereafter) and a security deposit.  We do not offer day-to-day, guest /visitor parking, or other short term rentals at this time.

Please note that we cannot reserve parking spaces beyond 2 weeks.  All parking spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are interested in renting a space please contact our parking coordinator via email at:


Returning residents – please note that there is extremely high demand for parking spaces at all locations.  It may take 1+ week to generate parking leases and work on getting through a backlog of parking requests so please email us in advance to check on parking availability and to give us additional time to send out parking leases.

Same day parking rentals may not be possible and parking requests are processed in the order received on a first come first serve basis.